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Tutorial 5.0 - Sherlock Holmes Wallpaper
How to make my Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock) wallpaper in Photoshop CS5.  Translateable except for the Difference/Exclusion blending modes.  If anyone wants to help with those translations, feel free to do so.
 photo sherlock-543-yami.jpg: Finished Product.
Collapse )


1) Open a new document.  I chose 1920x1080 for my wallpaper since my monitor is those dimensions.  Fill with #dedbed.

2) Paste
this texture into the document and resize to fill the canvas.  Set to Soft Light, 100%.
 photo 13-1.jpg
3) Paste this texture into the document and resize to fill the canvas.  Set to Hard Light, 73%.
 photo 14.jpg
4) Paste this texture into the document and resize to fill the canvas.  Set to Normal, 31%.
 photo 15.jpg
5) Take this stock of London and paste into the document.  Set to Screen, 53%.  Scale if needed.
 photo 16.jpg
6) Take this texture and resize it to fit the canvas.  Set to Difference, 38%.
 photo 17.jpg
7) Take this texture and paste into the document.  Resize as large as you like and set to Difference, 100%.
 photo 18.jpg
8) Paste this texture and resize as large as you like.  Set to Difference, 100%.
 photo 19.jpg
9) Take the chair stock/texture and place it into the document.  Do not resize unless you feel it should be.  Set this to Screen, 100%.
 photo 20.jpg
10) Take this texture and do not resize unless you are working with a smaller canvas.  Set to Multiply, 17%.
 photo 21.jpg
11) Take this texture and erase everything except the text.  Blend the text into the canvas however you like.  Set this to Hard Light, 100%.
 photo 22.jpg
12) Take a picture of your character/person and blend them into the canvas.

13) Take
this texture and blend it into the canvas, on the right side of your character.  Set to Multiply, 100%.
 photo 23.jpg
14) Take this acetate texture and set it to Screen, 100%.  Place this over your character and erase any of the texture on top of your character.
 photo 24.jpg

15) Curves adjustment layer: Increase Contrast (RGB).
16) Color Fill: #210202.  Set to Exclusion, 100%.
17) Photo Filter: Cooling Filter (LBB), Density: 25%.
18) Gradient Map: #17 from
Washed Away Art Gradients #1. Or #1f3c36 to #ebd5b1
 photo 25.jpg

19) Sherlock:
Liberation Sans Narrow, 72pt.  Fill: 0%.  Blending Options: Inner Glow: Default!, Bevel and Emboss/Contour: Default!, Stroke: Default!
20) Holmes:
One Fell Swoop, 125pt.  Soft Light, 100%.  Blending Options: Outer Glow: #bedaff, Opacity: 51%, Size 43%., Bevel and Emboss/Contour: Default!
 photo 26.jpg

21) Create a stamp of your work. Use Topaz Clean, Crispstyle.  Set to Normal, 50%.
22) Create another stamp.  Filters>Artistic>Paint Daubs.  1,1.  Set to Normal, 50%.
23) Create another stamp.  Blending Options: Stroke: Size: 6, Position: Inside, Rest: Default.
24) Create yet another stamp.  Blending Options: Stroke: Size: 1, Position: Inside, Color: #ffffff
25) Watermark your work if you do and you are done!

 photo 27.jpg
-Credits: If anyone knows the unknown textures, please let me know so that I may credit them.  BaB_Jane, Methys_Stock, Wanderingsoul_Stox, Kuschelirmel_Stock
-Please do not post on any other sites! Thanks.
-If you use my tutorial, please let me know as I would love to see your finalized art!
-If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
-And last but Never least: Enjoy! :D
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