18 March 2014 @ 06:48 pm
Now on to some art that I've made:


I wasn't sure which version I liked better so you can choose for yourself:
 photo sherlock43543-yami.jpg  photo sherlock4354334-yami.jpg
And this one I made because I wanted to showcase Sherlock and John's friendship...
 photo sherlock-54262-yami.jpg

Sleepy Hollow:
This wallie was made by following a tutorial found on the Shadowplay website:
 photo sleepyhollow-4523543-yami.jpg

I love how Angelina Jolie looks in the new movie so I just had to make a siggie for her:
18 March 2014 @ 06:02 pm
Tutorial 4.0 - Stana katic Signature  
Here is one of the tutorials that Ikorni (Gateworld forum) requested.

Here is how I made my Stana sig.

1) Open a document to whatever signature size you prefer, I chose 500x180.  Fill with white.

2) Open and paste into the document this clock stock.  Try to put the clock just off center and to the right, do not worry about leaving the edge visible. It will be covered up in the following steps.  Normal, 100%.

3) Open and paste this stock into the document.  Set to the left of the clock and, with a layer mask, blend into the clock. Normal, 100%.

4) Open and paste this bridge stock into the document.  Set to the right and bottom of the clock and, with a layer mask, blend into the clock and erase the other edge if it's visible.  Normal, 100%.

5) Take this window and paste it into the document.  Set to Multiply, 100%.

6) Add this fire stock and set it to Normal, 100%.  Erase the edges and set to the bottom center of the canvas.  Make sure you erase this with a layer mask so you can go back and add more of this stock or less.

7) Add your first picture of your character.  Resize to as small as you like and place off center.  Cut your character completely out of the background.

8) Add another picture of your character.  Resize if need be and place just to the left of the smaller picture.  Cut her/him completely out of the background.

9) Make a copy of the second stock and bring to the front.  Move to where the fog is just under where your main character picture is and erase whatever you don't like.

10) Take this texture and add it to the left side of the canvas.  Set this to Lighten, 100%.  Duplicate the layer and set this one to Screen, 100%.  Erase whatever you don't like but make sure the words are still visible.

11) Take this texture and add it to the canvas.  Resize to about the size of your canvas and set to Soft Light, 100%.  If you need to, use the smudge brush to clean up the texture on top of your characters pictures.  Create a stamp of your current work, you will need this later.

12) Curves: Increase Contrast (RGB)

13) Hue/Saturation: Colorize checked.  Hue: 202, Saturation: 9, Lightness: +13.

14) Photo filter: Default with Warming Filter (LBA)

15) Selective Color:
-Whites: 83, 29, 0, -49
-Neutrals: 9, -6, -12, 16
-Blacks: 13, -4, 9, -11

16) Color Fill #1: #051f25.  Set to Exclusion, 100%.

17) Color FIll #2: #290d2b. Set to Exclusion, 76%.

18) Take the stamp you created in step 11 and bring to the front.  Set to Normal, 25%.

19) Curves: Point 1: Output: 140, Input: 158.

20) Gradient Map: Washed away art Gradients #2: Gradient #12.  If you can't use Photoshop gradients: #ebecc2 to #402b0e. Set to Overlay, 50%.

21) Duplicate the stamp from steps 11 and 18.  Bring to front, set to Overlay, 14%

22) Create a stamp.  Use Topaz Clean, Crispstyle.  Set layer to Normal, 60%. NOTE: If you do not have Topaz Clean, don't worry.  Just use whatever filters you use to finalize your art.

23) Create another stamp.  Use Paint Daubs: 1, 1.  Set layer to Normal, 40%.

24) Create one last stamp. Blending Options: Stroke: Default, size: 2.

25) Watermark your work, if you do, and you are finished.

Let me know if you have any questions.
18 March 2014 @ 05:10 pm
Art .8  
I have come up with some more arts for you all to see.

My latest sig that I made:

I also made some more wallpapers:


Here is the wallpaper version of my current background:

Take any you like and please credit me if you use them on the internet.
18 March 2014 @ 05:03 pm
Art .6  
I decided to make some art as presents this year and since they've all been given, I'm going to share them with you all :)

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the shows/movies/etc. And please do not take unless the giftee has stated that they do not mind if you take.

I made these for Rodney Is Godney over in the GW Forum.


These I made for hyndara71


These I made for my friend in the GW Forum Tesla/Teslen threads, Glitch33


These I made for those threads:

18 March 2014 @ 05:01 pm
Art .5  
I recently participated in the GW's AFA Thread's annual Secret Santa and we got our presents!  My Santa was TrueRomantic.


I then made a challenge entry along with another sig (WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS!!!!!!!!!)

18 March 2014 @ 04:46 pm
Art .2  
Here is a sig that I made for a challenge in a forum.  The theme is black and white.

I am absolutely loving the show Elementary.
18 March 2014 @ 04:40 pm
Art .1  
This siggie and icon was posted on November 29th, 2012.  I made this for a forum thread challenge from that time: AFA Challenge 54

You may use as you like but please do not destroy the watermark and credit me if you do use, thank you.