18 March 2014 @ 06:48 pm
Now on to some art that I've made:


I wasn't sure which version I liked better so you can choose for yourself:
 photo sherlock43543-yami.jpg  photo sherlock4354334-yami.jpg
And this one I made because I wanted to showcase Sherlock and John's friendship...
 photo sherlock-54262-yami.jpg

Sleepy Hollow:
This wallie was made by following a tutorial found on the Shadowplay website:
 photo sleepyhollow-4523543-yami.jpg

I love how Angelina Jolie looks in the new movie so I just had to make a siggie for her:
18 March 2014 @ 06:26 pm
Tutorial 5.0 - Sherlock Holmes Wallpaper  
How to make my Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock) wallpaper in Photoshop CS5.  Translateable except for the Difference/Exclusion blending modes.  If anyone wants to help with those translations, feel free to do so.
 photo sherlock-543-yami.jpg: Finished Product.
Collapse )


1) Open a new document.  I chose 1920x1080 for my wallpaper since my monitor is those dimensions.  Fill with #dedbed.

2) Paste
this texture into the document and resize to fill the canvas.  Set to Soft Light, 100%.
 photo 13-1.jpg
3) Paste this texture into the document and resize to fill the canvas.  Set to Hard Light, 73%.
 photo 14.jpg
4) Paste this texture into the document and resize to fill the canvas.  Set to Normal, 31%.
 photo 15.jpg
5) Take this stock of London and paste into the document.  Set to Screen, 53%.  Scale if needed.
 photo 16.jpg
6) Take this texture and resize it to fit the canvas.  Set to Difference, 38%.
 photo 17.jpg
7) Take this texture and paste into the document.  Resize as large as you like and set to Difference, 100%.
 photo 18.jpg
8) Paste this texture and resize as large as you like.  Set to Difference, 100%.
 photo 19.jpg
9) Take the chair stock/texture and place it into the document.  Do not resize unless you feel it should be.  Set this to Screen, 100%.
 photo 20.jpg
10) Take this texture and do not resize unless you are working with a smaller canvas.  Set to Multiply, 17%.
 photo 21.jpg
11) Take this texture and erase everything except the text.  Blend the text into the canvas however you like.  Set this to Hard Light, 100%.
 photo 22.jpg
12) Take a picture of your character/person and blend them into the canvas.

13) Take
this texture and blend it into the canvas, on the right side of your character.  Set to Multiply, 100%.
 photo 23.jpg
14) Take this acetate texture and set it to Screen, 100%.  Place this over your character and erase any of the texture on top of your character.
 photo 24.jpg

15) Curves adjustment layer: Increase Contrast (RGB).
16) Color Fill: #210202.  Set to Exclusion, 100%.
17) Photo Filter: Cooling Filter (LBB), Density: 25%.
18) Gradient Map: #17 from
Washed Away Art Gradients #1. Or #1f3c36 to #ebd5b1
 photo 25.jpg

19) Sherlock:
Liberation Sans Narrow, 72pt.  Fill: 0%.  Blending Options: Inner Glow: Default!, Bevel and Emboss/Contour: Default!, Stroke: Default!
20) Holmes:
One Fell Swoop, 125pt.  Soft Light, 100%.  Blending Options: Outer Glow: #bedaff, Opacity: 51%, Size 43%., Bevel and Emboss/Contour: Default!
 photo 26.jpg

21) Create a stamp of your work. Use Topaz Clean, Crispstyle.  Set to Normal, 50%.
22) Create another stamp.  Filters>Artistic>Paint Daubs.  1,1.  Set to Normal, 50%.
23) Create another stamp.  Blending Options: Stroke: Size: 6, Position: Inside, Rest: Default.
24) Create yet another stamp.  Blending Options: Stroke: Size: 1, Position: Inside, Color: #ffffff
25) Watermark your work if you do and you are done!

 photo 27.jpg
-Credits: If anyone knows the unknown textures, please let me know so that I may credit them.  BaB_Jane, Methys_Stock, Wanderingsoul_Stox, Kuschelirmel_Stock
-Please do not post on any other sites! Thanks.
-If you use my tutorial, please let me know as I would love to see your finalized art!
-If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
-And last but Never least: Enjoy! :D
18 March 2014 @ 05:55 pm
Tutorial 3.0 - Rick Castle Wallpaper  
Here is how to make my Rick Castle Wallpaper in Photoshop CS5. Notes: -All textures used made by vikyvampirs90. -Colors may end up differently than mine because of characters pic. -Please do not copy exactly, the main reason I didn't include the character images. -I'd love to see what you've done with this tutorial.

1) Open a new document, I chose 1920x1080, fill with black.

2) Open 4_31_vikyvampirs90 and place in the document. Rotate 90 degrees and Gaussian blur it. I used 49.6 for the blur. Blend in with background.

3) Open 1_31_vikyvampirs90 and place in the document. Resize to fill the entire canvas. Set to Screen, 100%. Go back to the first texture and make sure it lines up with the top and bottom of the second texure, you may have to resize the texture.

 photo tut-1.jpg

4) Open 3_40_vikyvampirs90 and place in the document. Resize 'til the entire texure fills width-wise. Set to Screen, 30% and put it at the top of the canvas. Erase what you don't like.

 photo tut-2.jpg

5) Open 5_set11_vikyvampirs90 and place in the document. Leave as is and move to the bottom left of the second texture. Set to Screen, 100%. Erase what you don't like.

6) Open 4_vikyvampirs90 and place in the document. Leave as is and move to the bottom right of the second texture. Set to Screen, 60%. Erase what you don't like.

 photo tut-3.jpg

7) Open up a picture of your main character and place in the document. Resize if needed and set to Multiply, 100%. Go to the second texture and with the magic wand, click right outside the white "box." That way it'll be easier for you to get your picture cut into the white "box." Go back to this picture and click on the layer mask button located at the bottom of the layers box (on the right.) You may have to invert the mask (ctrl+I) Clean up whatever you don't like.

 photo tut-4.jpg

8) Open these three textures (1, 2, 3) and place them in the document. Organize them from top to bottom on the left side of the white "box," place them in whatever order you like and make sure they are lined up.

 photo tut-5.jpg

9) Duplicate those three textures and flip horizontal, then rotate 90 degrees. Move to the bottom right of the white "box" and skew the left side upwards a little to align the edges with the white box.

 photo tut-6.jpg

10) Open another pic of your character, one that has writing of some kind or maybe the title of the movie or tv show, etc. they are working in, and duplicate the layer. Hide the duplicate layer for now and give the other layer a layer mask. Erase EVERYTHING but the words/writing and set the layer to Soft Light, 100%. Un-hide the duplicated layer and use the same Gaussian Blur on it, Blur it out. Layer mask and erase where the words/writing is so that the words/writing can come through. Set this layer to Soft Light, 100%.

 photo tut-7.jpg

- Curves: Increase Contrast (RGB)
- Gradient Map: (I lost the urls where I got the Washed Away Art Gradients so until I find them again here are the colors:) bd8a39 to 510600. Set to Soft Light, 50%.
- Gradient Map: 1a3da2 to fbf49c set to Soft Light, 100%.
- Pattern Fill: Use Pattern 23 from this pack and set to Soft Light, 100%.

 photo tut-8.jpg

12) I didn't like how light certain areas got so I created a blank layer and set the layer to Soft Light, 100%. I used my favorite blending brush, Talei-stock's Grunge brushes 2, and with black, darken the areas that you want darkened.

 photo tut-9.jpg

13) TEXT:
- Rick Castle: Jellyka's King's Hat, 60 pt. Fill, 0%. Blending Options: Drop Shadow: Default, Bevel and Emboss: Default except Style is Pillow Emboss, Color Overlay: 521441, Normal, 30%, Gradient Overlay: 2d2b30 to 5c7594 rest default.
-Warp text: Bulge: Horizontal, +27, -74, -82.
-Place in the main picture area.

 photo tut-10.jpg

14) Create a stamp of everything and use whatever filters you use to finalize your art. I used Topaz Clean, Crispstyle (default) and Paint Daubs to finalize my wallpaper.

15) Watermark your work, if you do, and you are finished! And this is the finished product.

 photo tut-11.jpg

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

18 March 2014 @ 05:23 pm
Art 1.1  
Originally posted on January 27th, 2013... I made this wallpaper:

From this tutorial by racheldinozzo.
18 March 2014 @ 05:17 pm
Art 1.0  
This week's challenge is called: Pot-luck Texture. You have to PM a number to one of the maintainers and they will send you a texture. You then have to make as much or as little art as you like but that texture MUST be in the art.

Here are the first three entries:
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Resources: So-Ghislaine, differentxdreamz, ValerianaSTOCK, Talei-stock

Originally posted on January 19th, 2013......
18 March 2014 @ 05:15 pm
Art .9  
Originally posted on January 17th, 2013, I made this background earlier using differentxdreamz's brushes and I used two wallpaper's I made:


Mother Confessor, Resources used: http://fav.me/d4aze1r http://fav.me/d58vf6p http://fav.me/d54n37u           http://fav.me/d5ejdn5 http://fav.me/d38hqbb

Desktop Wallpaper:


-Download all if you like
-No hotlinking
-You can use the Desktop Wallpaper as a texture but please credit me and link back to this post.
18 March 2014 @ 05:10 pm
Art .8  
I have come up with some more arts for you all to see.

My latest sig that I made:

I also made some more wallpapers:


Here is the wallpaper version of my current background:

Take any you like and please credit me if you use them on the internet.
18 March 2014 @ 05:03 pm
Art .6  
I decided to make some art as presents this year and since they've all been given, I'm going to share them with you all :)

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the shows/movies/etc. And please do not take unless the giftee has stated that they do not mind if you take.

I made these for Rodney Is Godney over in the GW Forum.


These I made for hyndara71


These I made for my friend in the GW Forum Tesla/Teslen threads, Glitch33


These I made for those threads:

18 March 2014 @ 05:01 pm
Art .5  
I recently participated in the GW's AFA Thread's annual Secret Santa and we got our presents!  My Santa was TrueRomantic.


I then made a challenge entry along with another sig (WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS!!!!!!!!!)

18 March 2014 @ 05:00 pm
Art .4  
Originally posted on December 16th, 2012

I usually make fan art whenever I am bored and have nothing to do so during such a time, I made this:


Take if you like but please credit me and let me know if you do take :)